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 Amazing Premium  Coffee Beans

               with a Vision...

The 3 Elements Team are committed to roasting great tasting coffees for our customers, which can only be achieved by selecting premium beans. 

Our beans are sourced from various regions with their own unique flavours to achieve a great tasting coffee .

Our blends are developed to suit the coffee connoisseur and convert instant coffee drinkers.

Central Pacific Island beans are used for there complex flavours like a deep citrus, sweet fruit flavours

South America's Natural arabica is characterised by high sweetness, a clean cup and full body, and low acidity and

is the best in the world.

Central American's beans create unique cupping characteristics are a very thick and creamy body, bright acidity and good aroma.

Eastern African beans are blended as they add a floral and chocolatey flavours.

Indian beans sourced are mainly robusta, they are light in body, low acidity and subtle and unique sweet spicy notes .

So come show your support by purchasing  3 elements premium coffee which is helping our Ex Defence Personnel and their families.

3Elements Coffee are proud to partner with Scorpion Projects with the Australian warfighter blend. for direct sales please visit scorpion projects website...
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Raising Funding to support Ex-military  Personnel, Spouses and Veterans Through Amazing Coffee..


The 3 Elements Team have a true passion for creating an amazing coffee experience which has been roasted for giving back .....We are supporting our Ex-Military Personnel, Spouses and Veterans ... Now you can support them to

3 Elements Coffee was founded by like-minded Defence Force Veterans, to help Ex-Military Personnel, Spouses and Veterans transition and integrate back into our communities, after serving our Country. Its our way of saying thank you and giving back. However, we cant do it without your support. 

The 3 Elements premium blended coffee comes in several blends, which has been developed to suite most pallets.   Our coffee is a great mix as an espresso martini and during the summer months as a coffee cool over ice cream - Our blends can compliment many drinks and only limited by your imagination

To create the best blends with the best tastes we needed to find a roaster that was as passionate about coffee as we are about  our cause.

Great News!!!    

We did it!! it was a painful exercise for the roaster, however the journey to finding  blends that could pass a taste test by representatives from the Navy , Army and Air Force  was put to the test (not forgetting families and friends). The result is in the taste of our  Allied, Terra Firma, Hydro and Airborne  blends.

 Our  coffee is roasted with PASSION, by our Italian Roster who has over 25 years’ experience and Known by other roasters as one of the best in Australia.

So now we have the coffee, we have the taste, we need YOUR SUPPORT!

For every kilo of coffee purchased from 3 Elements Coffee, $5.00 is automatically donated to our partners the Ex Defence integration team- EDit!

Edit is the governance team who ensures our Ex-Military Personnel, Spouses and Veterans are given the best opportunity in transitioning and integrating back into our communities, gaining and staying in employment once they have left the military environment. . 



Buy our coffee and start giving back...