Always purchase your coffee directly from someone who doesn't hold a lot of stock or someone who roasts to order. Following these 2 steps ensures freshness, informed recommendations for beans that suit your method and palate is a value add. An experienced roaster should be able to grind your coffee correctly or guide you in grinding your coffee yourself for your equipment at home. 3 Elements roaster has over 30 years experience and is extremely passionate about the coffee he roasts. He personally tests every batch that goes out into the market place. Another tip to always remember when purchasing beans is to never buy beans that look wet or oily as this is a sign of either over roasting or staleness. Avoid your supermarket shelves, these beans are usually on sale for a reason!


It is always preferable to grind your beans just before use. This ensures premium freshness. If however you do not own a grinder, make sure that your beans are ground for the specific appliance that you are using as each appliance requires a different level of grind.

Nothing is set in stone with coffee. You can start your journey with these recommendations and then take your own direction as you're mapping out the different coffees, getting some insights into what you like and what you don't.

Coffee for your machine

Plunger  Medium to dark roast, medium to heavy body, simple blend like the Allied Blend with origins from Eastern African, Central America and Indian origins.

Stove top Medium to dark roast, medium to heavy body, blends like Terra Firma  with origins from South American Origins 

Paper filter or Cold Brew  (Chemex, V60, Aeropress, The Cold Brewer) Light - Medium Roast, fruity and aromatic coffee - mainly washed, Recommend the Hydro as a subtle of honey and tropical fruit flavours.

Espresso machines - Espresso: any medium roast from the heavier naturally processed to lighter more aromatic beans. You cant go wrong with a well balanced and pleasant coffee, mixed fruit, mixed with malt flavours. High acidity to give it that little kick. Airborne, Allied, Terra Firma Blends are recommended

Espresso machines - Latte: medium roast, rich blends like the Allied ,  or the Hydro blend if you like it on the milder side.