Founder Terry McNally - Director

Terry began his working life in the Royal Navy and saw active service in the Falklands, later transferring to the Royal Australian Navy. After leaving the Navy, Terry forged a career in operations and integrated logistic support as a senior manager in UK, Australia and the Middle East working for companies such as Optus, Transfield, BAE Systems, Siemens and Qatar Airways. Terry is passionate about supporting ex-military personnel and spouses for transitioning and integrating into commercial businesses and as an ex-military man himself he understands from first-hand experience the value that ex-military personnel can bring to employers in the commercial environment.

Our Roaster - Nick Di Ciaccio

Nick is one of the best roasters within Australia. Nick was born in Gaeta, Italy, and worked the land alongside his father since the age of 5. Nick went on to serve in the Italian Navy once he had graduated.

Roasting is Nick's great passion and he lives for the moment when the coffee beans go through the transformation from green to roasted. Nick checks and feels each one of the batches he roasts, commanding the roaster like a Maestro commands the musician. This is the way he ensures there is a harmony amongst all the elements of the roasting process.