Latte Art in Australia - How to Create Funky Patterns

Latte art has grown in popularity since the early 1980’s, and it’s practically a sport of its own at this point. But, for the fancy lattes with funky designs we can get at any great coffee shop, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make your own creative works at home? It’s a pretty great way to impress your friends, and it can turn every cup of morning coffee into an artistic experience.

While we won’t go through a step-by-step video tutorial here, we’ll let you know what you need to get started on your own latte art. The good news? It’s simpler than you may think, it just takes a little practise!

Now, let’s get serious!

Be Your Own Barista

It’s unfortunately not quite as simple as having a coffee pot and a carton of milk, but the tools needed to really be your own barista will definitely repay you with beautiful, great-tasting cups of espresso for years to come. In order to create your own funky latte art, you’ll need:

- An espresso maker (including a steam wand)

- A steaming pitcher

- Finely grind your espresso beans the fresher they are the tastier your coffee will be

- Full cream milk is best

- A wide-mouth coffee cup

Start by making your own espresso. While the shots are brewing, you can start on the milk, pouring it into the steaming pitcher and aerating it for just a few seconds on the edge of the steam wand. Then, let the wand submerge completely to the bottom of the pitcher, giving it a swirling motion.

The milk should reach about 150 degrees before you pull it away from the heat. Be sure to give the pitcher a quick ‘tap’ against the counter to help get rid of any excess bubbles. 

For the pour itself, you’ll want to start by pouring the milk high - this will create a thin stream of milk right into the centre of the espresso already in the coffee cup. When the cup is about halfway full, lower your pour. As you reach the top, you can ‘lay your foam,’ which is where you’ll create your design. Designs are made by quick movements of the wrist, so don’t be afraid to try out a few different techniques until you find something you’re comfortable with.

For the love of coffee please post images of your art...

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