How to choose Your Coffee Beans

Is it about the Beans or is it about the taste? 

From coffee aficionados, to the casual coffee drinker, everyone likely has their own specific coffee taste, espresso taste is mainly signified how it will taste by the Creme sitting on the top of your cup...No creme, generally means a harsh bitter taste, but the frothy coffee drinker hide this with milk, syrup and sugar and only care about a coffee with taste.

Are you a coffee shop chatter (any coffee shop will do as long as it has atmosphere) or a Bean chaser?  If you are a Bean chaser, how do you choose the best beans for your particular taste?  Most often, we grab whatever we think might ‘sound good,’ without really knowing the depth of flavour, and the profiles that can come from those particular beans.

How do you choose a Bean that is good for you and gives you the desire to go back for more?

It’s fair to say that when properly harvested and roasted, most coffee will be good coffee. From there, it’s a matter of flavour's and notes, and overall taste. Everyone’s taste buds respond differently , so it’s important to find which flavour's and notes your palate enjoys the most.

Here at 3Elements Coffee, prior to going to market, we wanted to get our blends to accommodate most or all coffee drinkers. We had over 80 serving military personnel and veterans taste test over 30 different flavours and notes to produce our coffee blends, which has been successful, not only in Australia but in the U.S. UK and India.  

Location & Preparation

We had our floavours and notes developed by using Coffee that is harvested all over the world, as different areas create different flavours. Even coffees from the same region have their own flavours so we let our volunteer coffee tasters decide what sort of depth they were really looking for so we could produce the 3Elements coffee blends, after all we want to stay in the market for a long time to help our ex military men, women and families.

Here at 3Elements Coffee we know that preparation is key, as well as quality. Our Allied Blend, was chosen for it's high grade roast that is a medium to full-bodied blend, with notes of bittersweet chocolate.

We have created a new blend for one of our partners "Scorpion Projects" also a supporter of ex military men, women and families to bring you the "Australian Warfighter Original Blend" being launched late October 17.  This blend has notes of mixed fruits and malt. Both are prepared using only the finest techniques, but it all goes back to your personal preference.

If you’re getting your beans from a quality roaster (which you should be!), don’t be afraid to ask questions, and try a few different types of beans before you settle on the perfect blend to suit your palate. All quality-roasted coffee is good. So, find what’s great for you.

Terry McNally

Owner of 3 elements Coffee Australia,

Joint venture with The Village Idiot Ink USA  

3 Elements Co Branded Village Idiot Coffee supporting ex military men,women and families

through the love of Coffee.